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Summer 2022

Posted by Jacque Schauls on June 10, 2022 at 9:23am 0 Comments

#JacqueSchauls #CodaGrooves

*Director of Remote Work

Digital Marketing Expert

* Personal Assistant to Celebrity, Executive or Professional Athletes

* Celebrity Booking

* Public Relations

* Social Site Management

* Non profit set up and management


Sales, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Social…


Coda Grooves NEWS 2021

Posted by Jacque Schauls on January 9, 2021 at 5:40pm 0 Comments

THANK you! For your support throughout the years I truly appreciate it and hope you and your family are staying healthy!

#1 Celebrity Video Drop request for Coda Grooves Entertainment (Jacque pronounce Jackie)

We are doing this a little different, I'm asking that people do their own commercial for whichever project you are currently working in addition to the drop for us. Feel free to have your logo/song in the background or product placement in your hand. These will be marketed…



Posted by Jacque Schauls on April 29, 2016 at 7:13am 0 Comments

NOW in Inver Grove Heights!

Effective Hashtags Social Marketing

Posted by Jacque Schauls on March 19, 2018 at 11:36am 0 Comments

#Effective #Hashtags

if you exceed two hashtags in a tweet your chances of engagement drop by 17%.

Only 22% of engagement with a brand’s tweets are replies.

78% are retweets

92% are link clicks.

So if you include an appropriate hashtag or two in your tweets as a brand, you are massively increasing the chances of exposure and click-throughs on the site. Going from 10 to 20 – in retweets or link clicks…


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A Young, Aspiring Artist Stirring New Colors to Electronic Dance Music – Riley Cardoza Music Unveils New Single

Channeling the best of both worlds, Riley Cardoza Music’s high energy blend “The Rise of Darkness” is an uplifting, upbeat, and buoyant musical recordSan Jose, CA — August 4th, 2022 – A fantastic newcomer, charged with the burning passion to embrace his own individuality and uniqueness, Riley Cardoza Music is quite the phenomenon. The young artist heralds a new age in the beloved genre of…See More
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News: Dr. EnQi The American Healer Brings New Medical Awareness

Carlie Green, producer of Dr EnQi's latest documentary goes into detail about new health/medical discoveries by the American Healer (can Dr. EnQi regrow the pancreas beta cells with herbs?). Continue reading for eye-opening info and knowledge.I have witnessed Dr. Enqi personally go from a to z with this documentary process and it has been life-changing. American Healer…See More
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[Video] Gafa Gamy 'The Slime is Real'

Gafa Gamy makes the front cover of Oth Magazine (Overtime Hustlin) and inside XXL 2022 Freshmen Issue Georgia rhyme slinger Gafa Gamy is flying high above the competition and earning massive respect among his peers. He has put out consistent music releases that have satisfied many rap pundits. As an artist, he is daring, direct and real. His music is like a movie but through words. Gafa Gamy's brand is buzzing nationwide. He is currently featured in the front cover of OTH (Overtime Hustlin)…See More
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Won't Be Long- XOXO

Once again, XOXO has elevated his musical pattern and expanded his library with his next project on the heels of "Outkast". Outkast set the tone for his newest released project, which just recently dropped last week, entitled "Won’t Be Long". It has nine cohesive tracks with no features- XO really has come into his own and can hold his own weight with the beat patterns…See More
Jul 20
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Jul 20

Kurt Cobain Breathes New Life in PariNirvana—An Upcoming Album Influenced by Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain Breathes New Life in PariNirvanaAn Upcoming Album Influenced by Nirvana.

Detroit, MI —  In his first ever release, Austin Mulka’s single Soul received praise from multiple media outlets including: Please Pass the Indie , Indie Spoonful, Alternative Addiction, and Jam Sphere Radio.  The singer/songwriter again impressed with a modernization of poetry, by Emily Dickinson, in a pop/folk-esq EP titled: This is My Message to the World. 

Austin Mulka will now tackle the world of grunge and alternative rock—promising to bring another legendary artist, Kurt Cobain, to the year 2022. This bold claim comes from an artist without a single song that one might classify as ‘grunge’. Consequently, in his upcoming album, PariNirvana, Austin will face an insurmountable task, living up to Cobain, in a genre of music he has never once recorded. 

“Audiences will be surprised.” said Austin. 

The release date of the PariNirvana album will be announced with the release of the single Peace’ on June 15th, 2022, which promises to bring Cobain to the modern era without sacrificing the essence of Nirvana’s music. Throughout his writing process, Austin claims to be implementing a process akin to method-acting, whereby he personifies the character of Cobain as if he were acting the role in a movie. The specificity of the music influences has also been limited during the duration of the project. 

It’s not that serious,” Austin said.  “I’m not running out of a store with my ears plugged if the music isn’t grungey enough” he joked. “My listening habits have been of artists/bands of whom Kurt influenced or by whom he was influenced: The Pixies, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.

“The most surprising artists in my playlist include: The Frogs, The Wipers, and Splendora.”

As an English/Linguistics graduate from the University of Michigan, Austin is known for spending a great deal of time on his lyrics and giving everything meaning. 

“There is such a thing as over-analysis,” he said, “But there are hidden messages in this album that I wouldn’t expect non-Nirvana fans to recognize. If you’re a fan of Cobain, you’re going to come away with more from the album. It’s a tribute to him” 

Austin says much of his influence in regards to adding hidden meanings in his songs comes from prominent artists like Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar. Austin said of Gambino: 

He’s the guy that encouraged me to play around with obscure euphemisms and  overly-specific references. He has a line in his song Sweatpants: ‘hanging in the islands looking for Earl like Toejam’ that I guarantee 90 percent of his fanbase didn’t understand. He was the inspiration behind spending excessive amounts of time on lyrics that will fly over the majority of people’s heads.” 

Click the link: here for updates on the PariNirvana album. To find out more about the artist, and to explore his music further, search Austin Mulka on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other outlet. Feel free to reach out to the artist via the email address provided to schedule any interviews or collaborations.



Austin Mulka is an up and coming singer and songwriter from Detroit, MI. The artist is known for his rigorous study while writing and producing his music. His EP This is My Message to the World  melodized the poetry of 19th century poet Emily Dickinson. 

Being a passionate, multi-talented individual, Austin Mulka holds exceptional command over his vocals as a lead and backup vocalist, while also displaying immense mastery of the guitar, piano, bass, drums, saxophone, and synth. Nick Dalbis, his trainer, mentor, and producer, whom Austin calls a musical savant, has also coached him in multiple instruments. With his unique research-driven approach to writing albums, Austin Mulka is set to become one of the more respectable  artists in the industry today.


Austin Mulka

Name: Austin Mulka


Phone: 734-329-1308







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