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Dean FM - "You Shady for That"

Posted by boss on February 16, 2021 at 10:50pm 0 Comments


Posted by BLACC WIDOHH on February 11, 2021 at 12:12am 0 Comments

Ty Bru is not your average, run of the mill artist. He has a unique sound all his own that stems from his worldly travels and exposure to a multitude of music. The name of his hit single “Like It Used To” brings that to light. His song is easy on the ears and soothes the listeners soul. The use of his lyrics and instruments with the melody bring it…


PennyRoyale works it with ‘Queen Mechanic’

Posted by ArtistPR on February 17, 2021 at 2:26pm 0 Comments

Want the truth? PennyRoyale’s Music brings something different. 

Melbourne, Australia – PennyRoyale is a singer-songwriter who has won rock music lovers' hearts.  The artist stands out with her music that embraces something deep. The electronic and progressive rock stylistic singing captivates as soon as you hear her voice. What it it? There's a truth, something deep and different to the way she lingers. Then there is the nostalgia...that vibe of rock…


Tim Shadgett Introduces His New Music Project, ‘Alchemore’

Posted by ArtistPR on February 5, 2021 at 8:12am 0 Comments

Keep a Look Out for Tim Shadgett’s Upcoming Album for Immersive Music

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia  – February 5, 2021 – Tim Shadgett found his musical calling as early as six years old. Since then, Tim's love for guitar and music has transformed into a thriving career as hard rock and progressive rock musician. To popularize his talents on a global scale, Tim is launching a big music project,…


[NEWS] Florida-based Record Label United Music Mafia is making moves in 2021| @UnitedMMafia

Posted by PlatinumVoice PR on February 2, 2021 at 3:12am 0 Comments

The C.E.O. of United Music Mafia Sean Whitlow prepares to take 2021 by Storm


Sean “OG Big Sean” Whitlow is a veteran of the game that realizes there is still much more work to do in his career. This isn't to say that he hasn’t achieved great success and passed seemingly insurmountable obstacles with ease. OG Big Sean has established himself as a constant player in the game, providing a fresh take on the genre lyrically and providing a…


Uncle Ben’s Remedy Releases 4th Album, ‘Easy Ways To Here’

Posted by ArtistPR on February 3, 2021 at 11:39pm 0 Comments

Listen to Uncle Ben’s Remedy’s Latest Release for Americana that will get you Dancing and Singing

Fredonia, New York – Uncle Ben’s Remedy or UBR is a rock ‘n’ roll band with Ben Westlund, Harmony Griffin, Shawn Huestis, Brendan O’Connor, and Jimmy Royce. The members grew up in a small town, where they embraced the values of community and the sounds of the country. They learned to play and sing in…


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News: Queenzflip King Earner's Beef with Dr. EnQi Over Dr. Sebi, Seamoss & More

Dr. Sebi Seamoss is a big business and boys will be boys. Dr. EnQi is rag-dolling King Earner all over the world as a Seamoss scammer. Footage from Queenzflip surfaces and shows King Earner snitching on his accomplices in the Seamoss scam. Dr. EnQi has vowed to restore honor to the legacy of Dr. Sebi by lining up all the Seamoss scammers like Scott Burnhard, Chakabars,…See More
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[Video] Louie Moe 'Players Anthem' | @1LouieMoe

Soaring high out of Louisville, Kentucky is none other than female emcee Louie Moe! On Monday (April 12th), the Louisville rhymer dropped off her latest video titled, “Players Anthem” on WorldStar. Garnering such great feedback from her release, the music video accumulated over 1 million views…See More
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ArtistPR posted a blog post

Worlds Collide: El-Jay and LA Buck Collaborate to Unearth New Single Surprising their Fans

Who said Avengers Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover ever? The hip hop industry has seen some historic collaborations, but nothing beats a surprise team up and sudden single release. There are no better witnesses to the excitement and thrill of such an occasion than the fans of El-Jay and LA Buck when they first heard about the new single titled “I’m That Winner”.Los Angeles, California – 9th May 2021 –…See More
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ArtistPR posted blog posts
May 7
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Breadwinner Kane – Shooters (Feat. Boosie Badazz)

Do you understand the true meaning of the word “boss?” If the term is based off of coming up the hard way in the streets, it is defined as “one who motivates his team; someone who a team looks up to and follows because he helps them to grow and ensures that everyone eats.” These words are the law of rapper, entrepreneur, and CEO Breadwinner Kane of Artillery South.The boss player from Huntsville, AL walks confidently in his role, as he navigated through the music industry and hustled his way to…See More
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May 5
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May 4
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Music Industry’s Newest Addition: Introducing Nathan Wheeler

Nathan Wheeler is set to make an impressive entrance into the music industry. The new EP released includes indie and rock music, showcasing incredible songwriting talent. Memphis, TN – April 30th, 2021 – Nathan Wheeler has a desire to tell his story his own way. The new singer is introducing himself to the music industry through his already released self-titled extended play record.The EP is inspired by real-life experiences. The personalized songs add authenticity to the lyrics that are often…See More
May 4
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Raw, Inspirational and Healing Symphonies: Emerging Artist Nereace Is Driven to Transform Lives

Battling out the tough and tiring times of the pandemic, rising artist Nereace is all set to produce musical compositions that are not only melodious and memorable, but also touching and healing, taking listeners on a unique and empowering journey. Kewarra Beach, Queensland, Australia - April 28th, 2021 -  Up-and-coming composer Nereace is all set to soar to new heights, as she marks her stunning break into the Classical and New Age musical scene. Moved by the powerful impact that music has in…See More
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Mesmerizing Storytelling through Hip Hop and R&B Fusions: Emerging Artist Shorty Bralik Releases New Album

With a dynamic and eclectic grasp over the genres of Hip Hop and R&B, rising sensation Shorty Bralik is all set to break through once again with the release of a sensory and soulful new album titled ‘Bralikworld”Norfolk, Virginia - April 21st, 2021 -  An up-and-coming artist Shorty Bralik is changing the contemporary Hip Hop scene, crafting unique and soulful musical tracks. With his strong vocal prowess and dynamic mix of…See More
Apr 28
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Apr 25
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Apr 25

[Exclusive] Interview With Portland's Own Sought After Producer Aaron Peil Ceo Of A-Laced Productionz

JamMar Moguls is pleased to present Aaron Peil as one of our Rising Star Producer
on the JamMar Moguls team. Aaron’s passion for music and creating, his drive and
determination to hon and perfect his craft, and his ability to listen, grow, and evolve,
has really impressed the executive team at JamMar Moguls. Aaron is open to new
sounds and new ideas and can translate that into great music.

Aaron grew up in Portland, Oregon listening to west coast music, where his sense of
music styles was influenced by Mac, Dre, Tupac, Brotha Lynch, E-40, and many others.
When an auto accident and DUI, almost cost him his life, Aaron started a journey of
self-reflection and decided to move forward with his passion for music and his work
as a music producer. When asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t a producer?
Aaron’s reply was, “Probably going crazy, music is more than just music, it’s
therapy to me. I can release all my emotions through the keys.” His dream
is to produce Grammy hits and his motto is “never stop learning
and never stop grinding.”

1) What made you want to be a producer?

I used to have rap battles in the back room at my house
when I was a youngster about the age of 16 or 17. I think
we had the first FL studios. When I started making beats
they were trash but then we started taking instrumentals
and battling off them just for fun.

Quality wasn’t good at all but I didn’t know anything about
the music production side of things. I was living life in
the fast lane, got into a car accident and got my DUI in
which my car was totaled; I was lucky to be alive
and walking thankfully.

After that incident I decided to evaluate my life. I decided
to go and get my GED and go to school for music production
since I loved music so much. In the midst of all this
as well I had a son on the way to be born.

2) How was your life growing up?

I was hard headed growing up and a troublemaker. My parents
divorced before I was born which had a major impact on my life.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. When I was 12 years old
I moved from Portland, Oregon to San Jose, California. While in
California I was having problems and my mom sent me to go live
with my dad in Portland, Oregon.

At the age of 14 years old my life changed for the worse. I got
more reckless and created chaos for myself and the people around
me. I'm not proud of my past but I know that’s what molded me to
be the man that I am today for not only myself
but also for my family.

3) Did you always wanna become a producer?

No I started out just rapping and freestyling actually.
I came to the conclusion later on in my life that I
couldn’t rap haha and my friends would say the same
thing. I then said why don't I just start making beats.

This way I can still be apart of the industry I love
which is the music industry. I started taking my music
producing career seriously in 2011.

4) Which producers inspired you to become a producer?

Dr.Dre, Timberland, Syko, The Mechanix, Jim Jonsin, and many others just to name a few.

5) Give us 5 tips you’d give other upcoming producers?

1. Stay focused don’t get distracted.
2. Study the music business.
3. Read before signing anything. If you need to let a lawyer look over it.
4. Never give up, stay grinding, and always keep studying.
5. Learn to communicate, be patient, and be understanding with others.

6) What made you start your own clothing brand and what is it called?

Covid affected my ability to work and take care of my family.
I figured why not start selling clothes. This way I could branch
out my A-Laced Productionz brand in different other avenues.
To help bring in some extra income plus with clothes it's a
promotion that keeps on going all year round.

A-Laced Productionz is the name and it's available on my
personal site. I also started several others like King Ap,
Queen AP Apparel, and I also partnered along with my
friend shout out John with his own clothing brand
Mo Chedda Records which is also a record label
which he owns. You can find all these on my site

6) Are you a gamer? If yes which do you prefer PlayStation or Xbox?
Give your gamer tag if you wish as well.

Yes and Xbox my gamer tag is apkilla211.

7) Are you working with any artists right now?

I'm working on a few projects right now with
Too Deep, Dub Twenty Inches, Strap from Mansion
of Mayhem, and many others to be announced soon.

8) What can we expect to see or hear from A-Laced Productionz in 2021?

I'm gonna be releasing new music, clothing, and much
more. I'm building a empire with my management JamMarMoguls!

9) Are there any artist's you’d like to work with that you haven’t worked with yet?

I am willing to work any and all serious artist's that wanna
collaborate with me and grow with me. I just LOVE creating music.

10) Do you have any tips for upcoming artist's for when they contact you?

1. Have a budget for what you are trying to accomplish.
2. Know the music business.
3. Always be humble, honest, and not cocky.
4. Be professional, don't just send me random links or messages.
5. Learn to communicate, be patient, and be understanding with others.

11) If artists wanna work with you. How can they get in contact with you or your management?

For Serious inquiries & Booking Contact my management
Jamaica Johnson at email:


12) Where can the readers connect with you on social media?




Tik Tok:




13) If you had one message to tell your supporters, what would it be?

Never give up stay grinding!

14) What type of vibes do you set to make a good beat?

I don’t set a vibe I just create. I start by playing
a few chords and then build from there.

15) Do you wanna give any shout outs?

Special shout out to my family, fans/supporters, and
my management and team of moguls at JamMarMoguls.
Shout out to my family the Mo Chedda Records Camp,
Dub Twenty Inches, Too Deep, and of course gotta give
a shout out to Dillon Cash for helping bring my vision to
reality with my site and many other ideas I had.

Never give up stay grinding! That's the motto I live by everyday!

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