If you enjoy the site, information, Conference Calls, Personal Support...


Send Your Music,Photo,Bio,Links...

Increase your "LIKES", "PLAYS", "FRIENDS" and "FOLLOWERS"!!

WE have THE BEST email Data Base!

PERFECT for TARGET Marketing AND..

We will SHOW YOU our lists!!!

Option 1, Mixed list(DJs,Radio,Press,A&R,Labels...)

30,000 Emails $150.00

and 1000 Twitter Followers

Option 2, Mixed List

200,000 Emails $250.00

and 2000 Twitter Followers

Option 3, TARGET LIST (Price Varies)

By Country, City, State,Genre,Profession

and we even provide CUSTOM LISTS for you to PURCHASE.


Get REAL Fans, Friends and Followers!

 Click the donate button above, then send the links to your pages to: 

RESULTS within 3-7 Days 

Package 1= $300.00


Youtube Views 10,000

Facebook Fans 3,000

Twitter Followers 5,000


Package 2 =  $600.00

Youtube Views 30,000

Facebook Fans 5,000

Twitter Followers 10,000

ADD to any of the above packages:




10,000 Views @ $100.00

30,000 Views @ $250.00

50,000 Views @ $350.00


Facebook Fans


1000 fans@ $50

3000 fans@ $100

5000 fans@ $150

7000 fans@ $200

10000 fans@ $300


Twitter Followers


1000 followers@ $20

3000 followers@ $40

5000 followers@ $60

10000 followers@ $100

We provide Record Label Support and Digital Distribution along with the following:
Label Services/Digital Distribution/Physical Distribution
MARKETING, Personal assistant, Booking, PR, Promotion, App Development, E-Blast to over 400K ,  Online marketing, virtual personal assistant.

Current and Previous Clients Include:
Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, Gordy Family, G.O.O.D. Music artist Tony Williams,  Death Row Records Michael Harris,Short Dawg,SISQO,Leonard Rowe, Glenn Toby, Melba Moore, Keedar Whittle, Gabriel Bello, Ms. Winfrey,Classic Empire, Christelle Avomo, Kermit Henderson, Lamont Patterson, Pastor Adams and the Abounding Life C.O.G.I.C. Choir, Sugar Bear Trio, Kieskagato, FIYA, DJ COOL V, Dee Jay FATHOM,  Nikki's Music, Papa Duck, QUE (Day 26),.... MANY more


SAMPLE Marketing Proposal:

Branding the name "YOURNAMEHERE"
Soft release of one song (On all combined social sites)
Hard Release of one song (sent to 13,500 Djs worldwide) two weeks
You will be sent a monthly report showing all of your stat increases.

1-2 Email Blasts/Month (Regular Price is at $250 per list)
Small ad in every Coda Grooves Ent Newsletter (Regular Price is at $50-$100/ad)

PRESS/PR (Regular Price starts at $1,500/Month)
Press Releases as needed for shows
Helping to acquire interviews, features, DJ Conference calls, and getting additional exposure.
Acting as a liaison between the group members and the press. Helping them with interview skills, Public appearances, acceptable etiquette and thank you notes.
Facilitate introductions to Music professionals for the purpose of networking.
YOURNAMEHERE Drop scripts for the Djs

BOOKING: Will send YOURNAMEHERE information to the venues and promoters for the purpose of booking.
Help write contract and rider.
Present offers for shows/hosting and appearances

Social site Management: (Regular Price is at $100/Month per site)
Music and Entertainment Blog sites
Increasing fans/followers/Likes/Plays (Each Month there will be a primary site focus and 2 secondary)

The price is directly reflective of the time involved and can be adjusted up and down each month as is determined by the needs and budget of YOURNAMEHERE and/or their management.


Additional Marketing can include:
App Development: Custom App Development for iPhone, Blackberry or Android ( Starts at $3,000.00 for one platform and each additional is at $500. The app will stay active for one year with an option to extend. (There are also monthly fees per app usually around $50-$100)

Physical Distribution
Digital Distribution
Street Teams

Phases of Music Marketing

1. Branding
E-mail Marketing
Brand Development

2. Distribution
Digital Distribution
Physical Distribution

3. Maintenance
Sustained Attention


Branding goes hand in hand with development. Development involves making it easy for interested parties to find your content during the discovery process. Building awareness and excitement gives people a reason to seek you out in the first place.
Using social sites, music and entertainment blogs, discussion groups and email marketing to make people aware of you and what you do.
Photos, links to the music and links to your other social sites are in the faces of music and entertainment professionals on a regular basis.

E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing, an effective brand strategy, strong brand positioning, and PR is how people become aware of you and your music. Awareness is created through word of mouth, PR, digital PR, online buzz, touring, radio promo, sales promotions, activism and cause-based marketing, street marketing, and features & credits on outside projects.

Brand Development

Increasing Brand Development involves placing your brand on any destination where your music can be found, shared, and recommended, and thus gain an audience. To amplify the spread of your music you have to make it easy for people to find your music during the discovery process. Music-based social networks are vital to gaining exposure because that’s where huge databases of music are shared online. At every point of development, make sure you provide direct links to your distribution outlets in order to increase sales of your music.

Digital Distribution

Configure outlets where your music can be downloaded and/or purchased online. iTunes is the most popular choice for retail digital distribution, followed by Amazon. Once your music is plugged into these distribution outlets, customers are able to acquire your content/product. If you foolishly skip this phase your marketing will inevitably fail because no one will have any way getting your music.

Physical Distribution
Placing your product for sale in retail stores.


Third parties co-sign you and your music through reviews, features, endorsements, cross-promotions, and the like. The more that sources like these that support your music, the more credible you become in the eyes of your market and the more referrals you will get which will lead to increased web traffic and exposure. High-profile partnerships, endorsements, co-branding, and sponsorships are terrific ways to establish credibility with your audience. Famous people, experts, DJs, promoters, managers, booking agents, label executives, social media buzz, and award nominations (not to mention wins) can all help you establish credibility.


Direct and indirect contact with your fan base is the best way to keep them engaged and interested in your music and projects.
Use your social sites to find out about your fans and what they like about you.
Use contests to keep them engaged and coming back to your websites and app on a regular basis. Re-tweet what some of your fans are saying about you. Have regular online fan chat sessions with Q&A.

Sustained Attention

New content must be released at intervals that create sustained audience attention. Balance is key. Provide just enough content so that fans are always begging for more. Daily or weekly song, photo or video releases? Weekly/monthly/bi-monthly mix tape releases? These choices are yours to make.

Thank you notes: Send thank you notes to the radio stations, DJ's, People who have interviewed you and your fans. THANK them on a regular basis for their continued support.

Sustained Attention is achieved through email marketing, digital PR, press releases, advertising, street teaming, attending industry events and a steady stream of content.
Happy fans and word of mouth will help build your fan base the fastest.


One 2"x4" ad in the newsletter $40

(Sent to 175,000 Music and Entertainment Professionals WORLDWIDE) 13,700 DJs, 20,000 Record Labels, Press, Magazines, Booking agents, Radio Stations, Taste-makers, Gate Keepers....

One 2"x4" ad on the home page $50
One FULL PAGE ad in the CODA~GROOVES~ENT Magazine: $50

Followers on Twitter: 100 Music and Entertainment professionals will FOLLOW YOU! $70

Friends on Facebook: 100 Music and Entertainment Professionals will be your new friend. $70

CUSTOM E-Blast to One list- $250


Package 1: $250

Ad on the home page

Ad in the magazine

Ad on in the newsletter

100 Friends on Facebook

1000 Followers on Twitter

Package 2: $200

Ad on the home page

Ad in the magazine

Ad on in the newsletter

50 Friends on Facebook

50 Followers on Twitter

Package 3: $100

Ad on the home page

Ad in the magazine

Ad on in the newsletter

Send your info to:

or TEXT: 612-508-7527





Please SHARE this page with your friends. On the right hand side of the page, there is a scroll bar that says "QUICK ADD" , click the arrow, scroll down to SHARE and you can Send the information to all of your friends on all of your social sites, by email or by your address book.
        Jacque Schauls
Personal Assistant to Celebrity,
 Executive or
 Professional Athlete

Not on our list yet?

Sign up       

THANK YOU for your continued SUPPORT! 

Providing EXPOSURE to the Music and Entertainment Industries: Helpful Articles, NEWS, Downloads, Tips...
Take a moment to actually KNOW what we do and WHY we are QUALIFIED to HELP
BETTER than and more EFFICIENTLY than anyone. 
Our TEAM consists of 12 strategic individuals and their teams.
Online marketing, virtual personal assistant, booking,PR, Promotion,App
Development,E-Blast to over 400K Music and Entertainment Professionals,
Online Distribution, Physical Distribution,HAIR/Make-up,Massage
My Resume and Background information are also on this page.


means: That I can help an individual, group or business with ALL of the
above services under one title. This title is used INSTEAD of MANAGER or
AGENT because I do a lot of things that most mangers or agents can not do. In
some instances, I will take on the title of manager or agent if I think
it is in the best interest of the client.
REQUEST an Artist Analysis:
IF you are SERIOUS about the BUSINESS of Music and Entertainment

Can Your Manger/Agent:
Help you create an image?
 Do your HAIR and Make-up for album covers and Video Shoots, TV appearances,Film?
Brand your image and stage name?
Market you so that every major player in the music and entertainment industry KNOWS who you are?
Manage your social sites: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Reverbnation, Youtube.....
and INCREASE your fans, friends and followers? 
Help you with or create for you: Your bio, press kit (EPK) RPK....
Help you get your music/book/product REGISTERED?  ( Do you know why this MUST be done and where? )
DISTRIBUTE your product?
Help to get you BOOKED?
Help you get PRESS? Write your Press Releases?
INTRODUCE you to the people that you NEED to KNOW?
Help you get AIR PLAY?
Help you with licensing?
Help you GET THAT Deal? Investor? Attorney?
Walk you through the contracts?
Help you if you are a JAZZ Artist? Gospel Artist/Group? R&B? Hip Hop? ROCK? Country? Blues? Producer?


PLEASE Join our sites and INVITE your friends and fans. It's FREE and it
helps YOU if you take the time to actually use the information.

INDUSTRY Downloads and NEWS
Results of a One Month Mini Campaign:

When you are ready to move forward, we will let you view our most recent campaign results ( Full Reports) .

Online marketing, virtual personal assistant, booking, PR, Promotion, App Development, E-Blast to over 400K Music and Entertainment Professionals, online and physical distribution and of course HAIR/Make-up-


Hair by JACQUE

Personal Assistant to Celebrity, Executive or
Professional Athlete:
Functioning as an agent of the client, making appointments, scheduling, and organizing on behalf of the client.

The general duties may include but are not limited to:

* Coordinating and arranging travel plans
* Preparing and organizing for meetings, parties, or other social occasions
* Household management
* Scheduling appointments for children and the client
* Traveling with the client as needed (additional cost allowance)
* Liaison with other professionals that work with the celebrity
* Maintain personal appearance schedules
* Paying bills
* Completing research
* Planning menus
* Organizing home and offices
* Pick-up dry cleaning
* Handle emergencies
* Respond to correspondence
* Other duties as required

Each client will have unique needs and every contract will be reflective of the time involved.
Of course discretion and 100% confidentiality is assured.

Virtual Assistant:

* Coordinating and arranging travel plans
* Preparing and organizing for meetings, parties, or other social occasions, promoting and marketing events, press release and information included on all social sites.
* Scheduling appointments for children and the client
* Traveling with the client (additional cost allowance)
* Liaison with other professionals that work with the celebrity
* Maintain personal appearance schedules
* Paying bills
* Completing research
* Planning menus
* Respond to correspondence


Handling email (up to three addresses)
Social Site Management- Twitter, Facebook, myspace, Youtube (Adding friends, followers, views, plays as needed strategically by desired target market.
On line marketing and e-blast
Press Representative and Press release
Booking - (contacts include over 200K Music and Entertainment Industry professionals)


Jacqueline Schauls

612 508-7527

Background: Sales, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Social Networking, Event Planning, Internet sales & Marketing, Social media, Virtual channels & the social customer;

* Adept in developing and implementing innovative marketing strategies which increase product exposure and increased profits.
* Provide leadership in Business Development, Sales Planning & Methodology, Solution Selling, Strategic Selling, Marketing and Customer Care
* Meets or exceeds annual revenue targets
* Excel in relationship development with senior executives and decision-makers
* Translate marketing activities to compliment sales targets


Owner 2009- Present
Virtual Assistant, PR, Online Marketing for Music and Entertainment, Booking, Artist Management, Promotion, Email marketing, Data Gathering and building for specific email databases. Current lists contain: Lists by City and State, Record Labels, DJ's, Promoters, Magazines, Press, Music Artists, Comedy Clubs, Venues, Sponsors and many more. Custom lists are developed per project.

Assistant Spa Director
Life Time Fitness
Eden Prairie, MN

Assisted the Spa Director with operations of nine spas in six states. Opened locations, Acquired licenses, Opening orders, researched and found appropriate venders, Worked with marketing department on development of new product line. Advertising, Promotions, Open house, Handled office work including but not limited to payroll, telephones, correspondence, e-mail and filing.

Vice President
Harvey Homes, Inc.
Plymouth, MN

Running day to day operations in the office and at construction sites. Direct sales, marketing and advertising. Collaborate with clients on design of new homes. Responsible for hiring and supervision of fifty plus subcontractors, scheduling and coordinating construction process from sale to completion. Working with counties on applications and building permits. Approving all final blueprints. 1997 Increased leads 70% and sales 25%. 1998 Increased leads 83% and sales 45%. 1999 developed strategy for acquiring qualified new leads and expanded company to include major remodeling that led to a profit increase of 58%.

Sales Manager
Harvey Homes, Inc.
Plymouth, MN

Increased leads 48%, sales 60%, Led sales team. Expanded sales areas from three to seven counties. Designed and promoted model homes. Worked as a representative for The Parade of Homes. Designed and implemented all advertising and promotions.

Jacqueline L. Schauls
612 508-7527

Hair by JACQUE
Owner- 1996- Present
2623 White Bear Avenue
Maplewood, MN 55109
612 508-7527

Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist:
Print, Runway, Music Video, TV, Film, Weddings, and Performances.
Everyday: Hair Services, Extensions, Massage, Skin Care and Nail Care.
Personal Assistant Services.

Elizabeth Arden Salon
Maplewood, MN

Held and taught classes on chemical processes. Taught hair color and permanent wave classes. Taught sales classes. Worked with upper management on promotions and advertising. Hair cutting, color, permanent waves, styling, manicures and make - up application. Payroll, inventory, recruiting and hiring. Managed eight to twelve hairstylists, two nail technicians
Client Relations

Assistant Manager
Elizabeth Arden Salon
St. Paul, MN

Worked with Minnesota athletic teams doing both hair and make-up for cheerleaders to promote salon. Taught classes on chemical processes, hair color, permanent waves and hair cutting. Taught sales classes. Hair cutting, hair color, permanent wave, hair straightening, manicure, facial and make - up application. Payroll, recruiting, inventory, hiring and organized promotions.

Assistant Manager
Glemby Salon
Edina, MN

Hair cutting, styling and permanent waves. Schedule for clients and staff. Assisted with payroll and other bookwork.

Cosmetology Manager
MN Department of Commerce State: MN

Exceptional strategic and organizational planning skills with a focus on continuous improvement.

Fund-raising: Acquiring donations for silent auctions, working on the committee in all areas and functions. Help as needed throughout. Dodge Nature Center in West St. Paul, MN



Thank you for your interest in
Below is our rate sheet
our process and procedures.
We look forward to working
with you!

Coda Grooves Entertainment
is in the forefront of online
marketing to the entertainment and
music community reaching
MILLIONS of Internet users worldwide via
email, blasts, blogs, posts on

affiliate sites, and cross
We send YOUR news to:

record company executives,
distributors, retail stores,

(per your market)
Radio DJ’s,

magazines, newspapers, web
sites, radio stations, television
stations, and the average consumer.

We would
like the

promote your music, product, business, or event
Nationally, and Internationally.

Electronic Press Kit / E-Card Designed: $350.00;

Press Release - $250.00

We distribute your information to our email database and Internet associates in either two formats:

1. Press Release Email "PROMO": (Includes text, links to MP3's, one graphic, no sound, no attachments)


2. Electronic Press Kit - E-CARD "PROMO" - [bio (or) press release (4) graphics, (3) songs, links to website and purchase product link, contact information]. Cost: $350.00 Design and one time e-mail blast only does not include additional marketing fees. PROCESS & PROCEDURES CHECK LIST: 1. Email content/event/announcement (GRAPHICS/TEXT, ETC.) to: at least 3 days prior to when you want it sent. 2. Make sure that all TEXT is in MS-word or email format and properly formatted with spell-check and grammar-check. Double check your text; we do not make changes to your content unless you are hiring us to design.


3. All photos and/or logo should be emailed in JPEG format and include any html code for use on sites and blogs.


4. Email MP3 Music Files to be added. They will not be sent in mail but they will be added to the data base and the LINK to the song/songs will be included.

List the NAME OF THE SONG and the NAME of the ARTIST/GROUP.

5. Include all contact information. (Booking/management/radio servicing/publicity)


6. Turn-around time is (5 days for a press release promo & 3-7 days for pre-designed promos) and (7-10 days for electronic press kit/e-card promo).

We will send you a TEST EMAIL to PROOF/APPROVE. ONE Revision is included. Additional revisions are $10 each. Please check everything carefully and make sure that it looks EXACTLY the way that you want to present yourself! SPECIFICS FOR PRE-DESIGNED PROMO: A "Single Image HTML Promo" Image Size: Maximum size of 600 X 800 File Size: Maximum size of 100k, we will compress as needed Resolution: All files submitted must be 72 dpi Color Mode:


EMAIL Blast to a specific LIST: ( $250.00 per list )

By Country, State, City, age group, industry

WE CAN CREATE an EMAIL DATA BASE just for you and specific to your project and needs!

If you are on Skype, we can have a meeting on there and I can actually share my desktop with you and show you the lists and programs that I use. ( NO Other Company can actually show you the people that your information will be sent to)

SOME of the LISTS for you to Choose from INCLUDE: (custom lists available)

There are a total of 153 Separate Lists

Urban Music and Entertainment- 182,478

Record Labels- 20,957,00

Environmental Activists "green"- 43,872,00

Sponsors (World Companies) - 4,927

Festivals/Fairs- 568

Models- 1006

Comedy Clubs in the United States- 142

Comedy Clubs Outside the US- 16

Venues - 393

Urban Club Promoters- 1484

U.S. Venues- 426

Managers Urban Music- 160

Casting Agent- 533

Urban Radio- 1044

Press - 677

College Radio - 69

Dubai- 191

Artists- 183

Urban Record Pools- 173

Urban Radio Stations- 848

Billboard Magazine Listings- 2539

Production/Crew- 396

OHIO- 1414

Rock Booking- 270

VH1 - 100

Atlantic Records- 50

Bad Boy Worldwide- 48

Minnesota - 2292

Maplewood, MN - 806

MTV- 223

Roller Skate Rinks- 683

Texas- 517

Florida Venues- 129

Las Vegas, NV- 2245

Photographers- 217

Atlanta, GA Medical- 2115

Medical Staff Misc.- 22,749,00

Berkley- 241

Medical Doctors- 94,070,00

Medical Conferences- 213

Medical Billing- 220

Rock and Country Music Industry- 38,973,00

Blues Music- 671

Drummers- 77

Bassists- 177

Christian Music Professionals- 490

Film Production- 244

Country Music Professionals- 125

Canada DJs- 38

Contacts From N.A.R.M. 2010 Chicago- 653

Indie Record Stores U.S.- 86

Commercial Radio Stations- 75

Dj's- 13,105




Charge is per placement and is only a part of a full campaign.

This is a partial list. but if you google search "THE LIST by JACQUE" you will see more.
Over 500 Music and Entertainment Blogs and Discussion Groups.
http://www. myspace. com/futurestardjs
http://www. myspace. com/slipnslidedjs
http://www. zulunation. com/hip_hop_history_2. htm
http://www. coredjs. com/index1. htm
http://snipersquaddjs. ning. com/profile/Jacque
Mixshowblast Djz ,
Jookcity Djz,
Derrty DJs
Hittbreaka DJ's,
Sniper Squad,
www. greenhitz. com


Public Relations:

Maintaining a public image for businesses, non-profit organizations or high-profile people, such as celebrities and politicians

This is by contract and paid monthly.


There are various tools that can be used in the practice of public relations. Traditional tools include press releases and media kits which are sent out to generate positive press on behalf of the organization. Other widely-used tools include brochures, newsletters and annual reports.
Utilizing interactive social media outlets, such as:

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Unlike the traditional tools which allow for only one-way communication, social media outlets allow you to engage in two-way communication and receive immediate feedback from your various fans and industry executives including DJs. Furthermore, we join discussions with multiple user identities to create a positive image for your company (e.g. quantity of positive statements from different users).

Press kit, also known as a media kit.
A press kit is usually a folder that consists of promotional materials that give information about an event, organization, business, or even a person. What are included would be backgrounders or biographies, fact sheets, press releases (or media releases), media alerts, brochures, newsletters, photographs with captions, copies of any media clips, and social mediums. You may have a website with a link, "Press Room" which would have online versions of these documents and we help you to put these together.

Publicity:  The spreading of information to gain public awareness for a product, person, service, cause or organization, and can be seen as a result of effective public relations planning.
Using technology as our main tool to get your messages to target audiences.
With the creation of social networks, blogs, and even Internet radio,we are able to send direct messages through these mediums that attract your target audiences.
This is by contract and paid monthly.

There are special offers monthly and promotions for doing several lists or emailing same information more than one time.

Combining services is the best way to SAVE $$$

Contact for details.


All files must be in RGB color mode File Type: JPG/GIF Link: Submit a single web site URL along with the promo, for linking. Email us the FILE or the URL.



1. Text (Proof read)

2. Graphics - - CORRECT FORMAT

3. Audio file (Music) - if necessary.

4. Links to web sites - Double check your links.

5. Contact information for interviews, etc.

Send payment and information on paypal to
Jacque 612 508-7527


Super Star Maker Worldwide

Kermit Henderson


8343 Roswell Road #163
Sandy Springs, GA 30350-2810
1 (216) 276-1829

ECMD assists independent artists and labels with distribution, administration, promotion, consultation and legal services and more! ECMD is distributed exclusively by Fontana / Universal Music & Video Distribution Our services include Distribution (ALL Genres): Physical and Digital

  • Administration and all contracts including:
  • Artist Recording Agreements
  • Registration of Music
  • Publishing Agreements
  • Producer Agreements
  • Mechanical License Agreements
  • Synchronization License Agreements
  • Side Artist Agreements

Publicity and Public Relations
Register Artists with Performing Rights Organizations
Preparation of Distribution Retail One Sheets
Marketing and Promotion Strategy and implementation
Radio Promotion
Retail Marketing
New Media & Internet Marketing
Social Site Management and Maintenance
Grass Root and Direct Marketing


(EACH CAMPAIGN is Unique and will have different Results this is an EXAMPLE)


GOOGLE Search results

"WISHING you HOME by FIYA sings" iTunes

Sola Esta Christmas by "FIYA sings"



"FIYA" "wishing you home"

"FIYA "WISHING YOU HOME" Pre-Release November 2011"


















Channel Views

upload views


Channel Comments

Channel Views

upload views


Channel Comments





Song Plays





Caribbean Christian Radio

College Radio

Commercial Radio



Minnesota Christian Radio

Minnesota Urban and top 40 Radio

Music Review


Radio AAA


Radio Georgia

Radio Rhythmic

Radio Top 40

Radio Soul

Spain Music Professionals

Urban Radio

VH1 Staff

Vineyard and Winery's

Urban Music and Entertainment


































Month One TOTALS



247 Placements

19 Placements


136000 Placements



 8358 Placements

3790 Placements


2330 Placements


873 Placements

2531 Placements

788 Placements

 116 Placements



Increased "LIKES" 319





Increased FRIENDS 4149

Increased FOLLOWERS 945




1369 Increased Plays





Increased CHANNEL VIEWS 4644

Increased UPLOAD VIEWS 87083

Increased SUBSCRIBERS 997





Increased 9219

Increased 62370

Increased 534

Increased 9



Increased 8

Increased 9371

Increased 1128

Increased 716




380 These #s Increase Spins













































































Artist Management,PR,Promotion,Booking,Marketing... Check our Services and Prices Page


Notes Home

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