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Don't judge me! Choice and freedom are two life luxuries that I treasure. I have never been interested in anything average. I've never wanted a house with two kids, a dog nor a picked fence. At all costs, I avoided jumping on anybody's bandwagon. And, any pattern or path that was expected of me,
but was not set by me, I refused to take, period. There
is empowerment in choice and it is healthy to exercise options, but
most people don't do either.

Most people live vicariously through others. That's why many are addicted to blogs, social networks and gossip mags..cause they ain't got a dam thing going on themselves. Most people have a love/hate relationship with people who have exceptional talent, beauty, wit, intelligence and
ingenuity, who exercise the option to play their lives out
publicly. Most people love to cheer a winning team on, but the moment
it looks like a possible loss, they jump ship and become judge and
jury. Amazing how you can go from being Joe Blow to everybody on you
d*^&ck, no homo, to being that crazy dude who stole Taylor Swift's

All of us, every single one of us, if you live long enough, will make a choice or exercise an option that may cause you and yours a little embarrassment. How many women have caught their unfamous husbands cheating will multiple women? How many of us are related to a
drug addict, dealer, verbal and/or mental abuser? How many of us knows
someone who choOses to engage in unprotected sex with multiple and same
sex partners to result in unwanted pregnancies turned abortions and
incurable diseases.

Even though we will all find ourselves at a low place in life or embarrassed by our transgressions, we still take delight in witnessing others fall, at a time when they need our support most. People like Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, Kanye West and Chiq DIVA ( lol), who's every move,
decision and transgression gets weighed in on by any ole Tom, Dick and
Tanisha, are great because they exercise the option to accept failure
with success and to tackle turmoil with tenacity. I've never desired
to be an actress, but the most exciting role of my life is when it
looks like I'm losing the fight of my life and at the last second, from
out of nowhere, I regain enough strength to win as soon as everyone has
counted me out.

Exercise the option, make the choice NOT to judge! Now stop cluttering up my inbox with bullshit. I am NOT interested in knowing about anyone's low points or fails...I have a life and I'm living vicariously through my own! Try it.






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And take advantage of the State-of-the-art equipment & Cardio area
Aerobic (group exercise) classes throughout the day; specialty classes, such as, Yoga, Cycling, Mat Pilates, Kickbox Cardio, Aqua Aerobics, and much more at no additional charge…
Heated lap pool, Jacuzzi and saunas
Racquetball, Tennis & basketball* (tournaments and leagues available)
Full locker facilities
Personal Trainers*
Kids Klub (babysitting)*
Convenient locations throughout US and Canada
Open 7 days per week; with some locations open 24 hours
Juice Bar*

Get the Chiq special. $29 a month premier nationwide membership plus free personal training
Contact Ben Willard 504-812-8244
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click the pic to see Jonathan Slocumb interview with Torrence G on

Couture comedian Jonathan Slocumb to launch celebrity-filled national rights of passage program for at-risk teen boys with fellow actors Hill Harper, LeMann Rucker, Richard Roundtree, Courtney Vance and Terry Crews to join Slocumb as founding faces of breakout project to benefit at-risk boys

Atlanta, GA- known for being as clean as the board of health in tailor-made suits onstage and within hilarious, family-friendly standup routines, the indisputable Couture Comic Jonathan Slocumb uses the art of laughter to launch efforts in offering assistance and the first rights of passage program for at-risk young boys via his

Slocumb has enlisted the support of fellow actors who include but are not limited to LaMann Rucker, Terry Crews, Hill Harper, and Richard Roundtree to serve as the founding faces for the first Laugh Yourself 2 Life Foundation program... THE MAKE A MAN PROJECT. Slocumb served as keynote speaker with fellow actress Tatiyana Ali for the National Black Caucus of State Legislators Youth Luncheon on Dec. 2 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he announced his latest venture to a receptive and supportive audience of youth and legislators. "I am excited and ready to spearhead programs to benefit the most neglected demographic of people.... at-risk teenage boys." explains Slocumb. Slocumb was presented with the official National Black Caucus of State of Legislators Visionary Award.

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The Make A Man Project is a group of gentlemen dedicated to instilling in young boys the responsibility of true manhood. Participants in the program will be taught proper etiquette, articulation and dress. The Project will expose young men to international food, experiences, foreign languages
and worldwide customs via two-week camps and Saturday afternoon
seminars with their mentors. This effort is designed to help young men
(ages 15-20) who do not have someone [more specifically an upwardly
mobile progressive man] to identify with, talk to, or confide in. THE MAKE A MAN PROJECT will help young men get on the right path for a good life.

“Children are definitely our future, and I want to do everything possible to invest in our youth, particularly young urban boys” In as much as I am an advocate for higher education, not all young boys are college bound, but each one of them is capable of becoming a successful contribution to society. That is where we
come in. explains Slocumb.”

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The Make A Man Project is designed to match young boys with positive male role models/mentors for at least 90 days. In addition, the project offers to pay for college registrations, exam fees, to purchase textbooks, and assist with securing internships. After completion, participants in
the program will become a member of a fraternity of MADE MEN, a
collection of upwardly mobile urban men of America who love and support
each other.

The first group of candidates for The Make A Man Project will be recruited from Atlanta, New Orleans and Los Angeles. Fundraising efforts are underway with plans in action for a private cocktail fundraiser Sunday Dec. 20, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia from 6-9pm at an undisclosed location.

Slocumb is most known for his side-splitting antics on the mainstage of the NAACP Image, The Stellar and Trumpet Awards as well as the annual Essence Music Festival. He is equally beloved for his work on both the small and big screen, particularly his reoccurring role on the syndicated Steve Harvey Show and in the Tyler Perry film Meet The Browns, respectively.

for more info contact


Da Pretty Boyz get the cover!!!!

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Big ups to DIVAdend Entertainment client Da Pretty Boyz hailing from Jacksonville, Florida

gracing the 1st issue of 2010 for Get Em Magazine



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Be sure to click the pic below to download the new Roccett/DJ Drama mixtape


Thats about all I have to share for now...I will be back at you after the Saints kill Atlanta this weekend...I'm going to have a ball...Welcome to my two favorite DJ's from NOLA Wiggity Wild Wayne & Captain Chiggy Chiggy Charles...You jingling baby, go head bay!

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In love and respect,

ChiQ DIVA - Goddess of PR

Get ready for PPR 201 ..We've stepped it up a notch...we hope you did too! PPR 201 promises even bigger & better panels and more opportunites to increase your brand awareness, internationally!

1st stop Phoenix, AZ Jan30 2010

2nd stop ATL Feb 6, 2010

3rd stop New Orleans March 20, 2010

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