“From Texas to the West Coast, Lamont Patterson & His World Movement Stand Firm in the Sands of Time”

“From Texas to the West Coast,
Lamont Patterson & His World Movement Stand Firm in the Sands of Time”

Lamont Patterson has utilized his vast array of talents to leave a permanent and dominant imprint on the world and the music industry within it.  Everything from networking, to being a vocalist, to playing the tenor saxophone, to producing music like a natural chef concocting something from nothing, also managing artists, owning his own studio and label, running a radio station, a publishing company as well.  You get the idea!  Lamont Patterson does much more than just run his professional brainchild, World Movement Records and Publishing.  He reaches out to the youth and provides a highly regarded guidance that’ll properly assist that person/artist/musician/act in their quest for success.  
Lamont can help develop your music career.  Not only that, but he can find the time to talk to you and educate you on the nuances of the music business.  Whether you take those words seriously and to your advantage is strictly up to you.  If you don’t, then I’m sorry to say this, but you’re doing yourself a disservice.  To the people and artists alike; we were born with two eyes and two ears for us to observe and listen, to read and learn, so take some time out of your day or restful night to gain a more in depth look at an old school Soul and R&B icon who still stands as a very relevant figure in the music business landscape of today.

Take us all back to your origins and upbringing?  Explain what motivated you at a young age, who your influences were and a brief overview of how you got your start in music.
After being born and raised in Bonham, Texas within what I’d refer to as a musical family, I came to realize there weren’t too many opportunities growing up.  You either played sports, made music, or picked cotton.  Early on, my aunt was the matriarch who played the keyboard in church.  She inspired me to start singing in the church and I eventually would begin preaching in the church at age 10.  My mother moved me to California where it seemed as if there were better opportunities for jobs and income, but no matter where I went to school I was always into music.  At one point, I was a member of the school band all the while singing in the choir.  We had Tenor Sax players like Sonny Rollins back then and even John Coltrane who is still remembered as a prominent figure in the history of Jazz and music overall.  During my college days at L.A.C.C.  I met and befriended a woman named Dorothy Morman who was the niece of a record producer named Harvey Fuequot.  Mr. Fuequot was working with the group New Birth and that’s how I became involved with the group New Birth.  Prior to that, Aaron Neville worked with me on my first album with Elements of Peace.  Things continued to take off from there!
How do you feel the music industry has changed for the better and for the worse from your younger years compared to now?
Things have changed for the better and I say that because back in the day we’d have the music stores and moms and pops shops.  Now the distribution model is completely different where the majors monopolize the industry.  It used to be where if you weren’t signed to a major, then your music career didn’t go anywhere.  Now with the advent of the internet and its influence on today’s music, it’s basically evened the playing field where you can get your product/music distributed to your supporters without using the major as a vehicle for distribution.  An artist can continue being successful if they’re internet savvy and knowledgeable of all the mediums and social networking sites available to them.  The majors are here more for the independent companies such as mine, World Movement Records (W.M.R.), who develop the artists and break records which are two things the majors don’t really do anymore.  The majors decided developing artists wasn’t cost efficient and made it so the independent companies had to take the gamble on up and coming talent.  If we gamble with breaking an artist and they become successful, the majors come knocking and will invest nice sums of money.  If the artist doesn’t max out on their potential or even tap into it, then the independent company loses out in the end, not the major label.  I would definitely say it’s a great time for independent artists who are creative, hungry, know and love their craft, and who go out there and make it happen!  
How did you growing up in the Motown Era effect you and your life?
I had chances to meet and get to know a lot of Motown greats from that era back in 1971-73 like Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops, to name a couple.  That was when I had an office next door to the Motown Records office on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood.  I used to sing their songs at talent shows coming up, so yeah, overall Motown has had a great influence on my career in terms of artistry, production, being an entrepreneur and also a manager in the music industry.  I’d like to add that Motown had a sound that no matter which group or label was heard; you knew who it was and what label it came from even if you didn’t know the artist personally.  Just by listening to the production and selection of live instruments, a label like Philly International that would be known as the Philly Sound, had a distinct sound, so it was no longer just a label name.  It’s the same distinction that Motown has.  
When working with Quincy Jones, what did you learn from him that sticks with you today?
Quincy has always been a mild mannered, quiet spoken professional who believes in leaving the drama outside the door.  I met Quincy through this gentleman named Bill Summers.  Even guys like Sting from the Police have also served as part of my support system and have been very instrumental with their guidance.  Willie Ford from the Dramatics was the one who told me to never get too big or too busy to listen to the next person’s music.  You never know where the next hit record will come from.  
How have you grown most as a person in life and as a professional?
Being an entrepreneur in the music industry has been a strong point for me since I once was an artist/musician.  I went from being an artist to a producer followed by a manager and then a studio owner, all prior to starting World Movement Records.  There are a good number of younger entrepreneurs that want to do all these things, but have no experience and background.  I had to attack those responsibilities one by one, because I didn’t know any better at the time.  It’s the fact that I’ve developed a well-rounded knowledge of all those parts to the machine and that’s worked to my advantage throughout the years.  
What is it about your music and creative energy that makes it so others around you grow?
As the founder of World Movement Records, it’s a fact that I hold more credibility in my position than most others due to me wearing those numerous hats.  An artist can talk to me and relate with me better because I’ve been in their shoes as an artist.  The producers I talk to know I’m competent in production and that I can read, write and understand music.  
How would you describe your rapport with Jacque Schauls of Coda Grooves Ent.?
Jacque is the bomb!  We’ve worked together since the mid 2000’s.  Jacque is a wiz when it comes to social media marketing and online networking.  I don’t think there’s anybody out there that can top her at doing what she does.  Also, I feel the need to shout out Kermit Henderson of Every Coast Music Domination (E.C.M.D.) who I work with on a daily basis and have known since 2000.  It terms of breaking records there’s nobody out there better!  The man has credit for over 200 gold records!  We’re a team that works together as a strong unit and really know what we’re doing.  Everybody needs that supporting cast, because nobody can do it all by themselves.  If anyone out there thinks or says they can do it all by themselves, it’s a joke.  
So your label is called World Movement Records and now I ask what drove you to create this industry monster?
I started World Movement Records because I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed.  I really feel like we as people stifle our growth due to a lack of vision.  Our motto is “Moving the World with Our Music”.  We are playing on a global level playing field, not just on the block or your local city.
How tough is it staying humble after all the achievements?
Since I was the classic country boy growing up, I look at all I’ve attained from the million dollar home to the Roll Royce and I realized that all those toys and trinkets don’t make the man.  It’s been easy for me to stay humble because I’ve had a lot and lost a lot, and then had a lot again.  I’ve seen my fair share of ups and downs and I’ve come to a point in life where I have a balance.  When you attain that balance and surround yourself with positive like-minded people, then it’s real easy to stay humble.
Take the time to talk about your radio station, I Am Indi.
It’s called I Am Indi on BlogTalkRadio.com and it’s a show strictly dedicated to all the independent artists.  There seems to be some confusion in these artists.  The first thing they think of is trying to get signed to a major label, but they don’t understand that if you have a brand then you have something worth signing.  If not, then a major label won’t be checking for you at all.  I Am Indi provides these artists with the forum to play their music, promote and discuss their careers, and gather beneficial insight from music business artists, producers, attorneys, the list goes on.  I don’t try to be a teacher, but more so a person who shares knowledge and helps provide tools for others to research and come up with their own answers.  I think that’s a more powerful approach!  
If you took your career back to when you were an artist/musician, but do that now in present day, who would you want to get in the studio and record with today?
Strange as it may seem, that would probably be Jay-Z and not just because of his talent as an emcee, but because of how he’s developed himself into an entrepreneur.  I would sit down and chop it up with him, because I think he has some experience and knowledge that I feel could be beneficial to me.  I can definitely see myself paralleling with him.
Aside from that, what’s a goal you’d love to accomplish that you haven’t achieved yet?
That would be for me to own a full-service entertainment company and not just for music, but also for stage plays, movies, TV shows, books, and I want it to still be standing when I’m gone.  I already have a publishing company called World Movement Publishing, so that’s a great start!  
What’s a personal strength of yours and one weakness you’d improve upon?
A strength of mine is that I’m a creator and a natural producer.  Quincy Jones would always compare himself to a master chef and I look at myself the same way too.  A great producer sees things in other people such as artists that those individuals don’t see in themselves.  That’s aside from being able to combine all the right ingredients to produce a masterpiece.  When it comes to a weakness, sometimes I help people who are not deserving of that help.  Since I’m a caring and giving person, I tend to extend myself a lot of times when people aren’t up front and forthright.  
Since you’ve gained a lot of advice through the years, what have you learned that you would share the most?
That would be focus and preparation, also having a plan.  You have to know where you’re going and where you want to be in life.  I tell all these younger artists coming up in the industry to learn the business side to the music.  This is the Music Business, not Music Play.  If you don’t learn the business then you’re setting yourself up for failure.  
Is there anything you’d do in the name of philanthropy?
My main focus is helping these independent artists making a name for them on a global level.  Something I’ve noticed is how they’ve started taking performing arts out of the school curriculum and that’s where I went through formal training in choir.  If you’re not from a well-to-do family you’ll most likely never get piano lessons.  I’m trying to educate and motivate the next generation of musicians and vocalists.  I put this all on the government and educational system, because the kids lose that creative outlet and that’s sad to me.  We used to not have to wait until college, or pay extra for lessons, because we had those programs in school.  That opportunity to learn the performing arts is slowly disappearing.         
Are there any big projects that you have in the works for World Movement Records and Publishing?
We have a stage play in progress called “Diary of a Dysfunctional Family”.  Currently, Kermit and I have a project involving a young solo male artist out of North Las Vegas by the name of Drew Raber.   
To end this discussion on a good note, give the readers something from your life and career that will stay in their memory for years to come.
I have so many of them.  That has me thinking of Bill Summers who has to be one of the most humble musicians I’ve ever worked with.  Don’t be big-headed, because there are a lot of egos in the music and entertainment industry, and not everyone will like your music.  If you’re one of those artists that would go home and cry because someone can’t stand your music, then you’re not going to be successful.  Get up and keep grinding!  You’ll face criticism, but if you have confidence you can definitely move past the criticism because nothing beats failure like a try and another try.  If you keep trying you’ll eventually succeed.

Article written by:  Bill Oxford

Editor n Chief

XS10 Magazine  

August 26, 2012 The top independent magazine on the market (XS10 Magazine - Times 10) covers subjects from the music, film, sports, modeling and fashion industries, even porn and the "underworld" with an attempt to branch off into covering the social/political/educational realms of society too. XS10's 1st Issue was released in August of 2012. The newest project is the 3rd Issue, to be released in April of 2013. What sets XS10 apart from all other independent magazines is that we cover a broad variety of top of the line A-List clients/subjects throughout our Issues. Most, if not all, independent magazines cover one, maybe two of those above categories and also promote primarily independent artists when referring to magazines hyper-focused on music, whereas XS10 covers the majors from all angles. We will continue to prove that it is possible to sell positive material when the industry wants controversy to read. XS10 isn't a tabloid with the rumor mill within it. We cover the majors with integrity and respect for the subjects, because we believe you have to work 10 times harder than your competition in order to get into XS10 (Times 10)

Courtesy of:  World Movement Records http://worldmovement.com

& Coda Grooves Ent www.codagrooves.com

Drew Raber Interview by:

Bill Oxford academy525ox@att.net

Drew Raber:  Taking the Music & Entertainment Industry by Storm

In a world where young artists sometimes struggle to find a niche in their craft, Drew Raber has the undeniable focus, drive and necessary support system to live up to his own monumental expectations.  Las Vegas, Nevada has served as a hot backdrop to the music scene Drew is gradually taking command of.  He’s a young high school student who’s creative, charismatic and well-versed in athletics, music and film, so you know he’ll find a way to make the most out of his broad skill set.  With a strong family backing and the personal determination to overcome any obstacle in his way, Drew Raber has a vast future ahead of him and stands ready to break down the doors of the music and entertainment industries.  There will be no comparisons when Drew hits his prime.  The girls and most of his peers love him and his genuine persona and he’s convinced he is ready for the spotlight.  As it’s been said before by other unstoppable grinders, “bring it on!”  Mr. Raber is ready for whatever.  These are some of his thoughts as I spoke to him via Lamont Patterson of World Movement Records and Jacque Schauls of Coda Grooves Entertainment.  Learn what makes this young star shine so bright and always remember the name, Drew Raber.       

How has life in Las Vegas shaped the young man you are developing into?
I wouldn’t say that the city as a whole helped mold me, but more so my family and the fact that I’ve surrounded myself with good people.
What career education do you think you would pursue if it wasn't for the music industry?
I’d probably be doing something in film and photography, also I’d use football as a stepping stone to get a scholarship and still apply myself towards an education in film.  I used to play football, but gave it up to pursue music.
Who or what made you want to start singing and performing live?
I would say Usher, because when I was younger he was a huge inspiration to me.  I was a really big fan who was fascinated by his singing, dancing and pretty much everything he did.
How would you describe yourself as a person and then as an artist/performer?
As a person, I’d say I’m genuine, honest and stand with integrity.  As an artist, I’m confident, humble and love what I do.
What would be your favorite thing about girls, fans or not?
Well, the first thing you always see when you look at a girl is her physical appearance, but that’s not the most important thing.  What matters is her personality, because a girl can be the most beautiful girl in the world, but she might be rude.
How does it feel to be in your shoes nowadays?
I’m just so blessed to have everything that I have.  That’s why I’m trying to give back as much as possible, because I have a lot of things and there are other kids that don’t have as much as I do.
Do you like the extra attention in public, or do you already at a young age get tired of it?
I love the attention.  I don’t think I’ll really ever get tired of it, because when I played football I stood out from the rest as the smallest and one of the best on the field.  I received a lot of attention and popularity from that.  All eyes were on me and it felt good.
How easy has it been for you to adapt to the fame when popularity is a huge thing at your age?
It kind of just worked out.  As I said about playing football and how I would stand out; it all felt natural to me.  I blended it with everything else that was going on and handled it well.
What's your ultimate lifetime goal for now, since goals sometimes change?
I’d like to become a successful fashion designer, along with being a great music producer, writer and filmmaker.  I have a lot of lofty goals and expectations that I’m focusing on at the moment.
What type of film do you indulge in?
I get into filming and editing music videos.  Anything with a camera; I feel like I have a good eye.
What is it about Usher, Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake that inspire you?
They’re all unique in their own way and that’s why I look up to them.  There’s nobody that writes like Frank Ocean.  Justin Bieber doesn’t have any competition.  People always seem to compare me to Justin Bieber.  Me personally, it’s not that I don’t like Justin, because I respect him a lot.  I just feel like that’s a lazy comparison, because people only see us as both being real young.  It’s an age thing.
Since you skateboard and snowboard; to what capacity do you admire Tony Hawk and Shawn White?
I respect both of them, but I’m not a huge fan of either of them.  My favorite skateboarders are Terry Kennedy and Sean Malto.  They’re revolutionary to me as skateboarders, because of the tricks they do.  I don’t really follow snowboarding, but I enjoy it as a way to get out of the house to have fun.  
It's said that you write most of your lyrics.  Who gets credit for the other lyrics you sing?
DB’s the Lyrical; he actually wrote the verses on “Time for Two”.  Brennan Ford wrote the hook for that song and for “Telephone” too.  My brother Donovan wrote the rap verse on “Telephone” and my dad (Tim Raber) will critique it all and help me with my delivery on some songs when I need it.
How's it like having active parents in your music career?
It feels really good to have the support, because some kids want to pursue the same career I’m in and they don’t have the same support where if they fall down, it’s harder to get back up for them.  I feel really blessed.
Describe the fashion style for Ante Up Supply Co.?
It’s like a versatile, urban clothing brand unlike anything else on the market.  Just like my music.   
Is there anywhere in the world that you would love to travel to more than other places, that you haven't been to yet?
Milan, Italy is definitely number one on my list, because it’s like the fashion capitol.  Also, it looks really nice from the pictures I’ve seen.
If you could say anything to your family and supporters out there, what would that be?
I’d like to tell them all, Thank You!  I love all of you guys who are supporting me!  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be at the point that I’m at!  My newest, hottest single is called “Never” and I expect it to be a huge hit!  It’s available on Amazon and I-Tunes.  I really have high expectations for the song and I hope it brings me to a higher level that I’ve been pursuing in the music industry.  Check out my new album, “Perfect X” to be released September, 24, 2013.

To find out when and where Drew Raber’s future shows will be, check him out on www.smokinappleent.com
Amazon, I-Tunes

Article  written by:  Bill Oxford
Courtesy of:  Smokin’ Apple Ent.  

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