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Summer 2022

Posted by Jacque Schauls on June 10, 2022 at 9:23am 0 Comments

#JacqueSchauls #CodaGrooves

*Director of Remote Work

Digital Marketing Expert

* Personal Assistant to Celebrity, Executive or Professional Athletes

* Celebrity Booking

* Public Relations

* Social Site Management

* Non profit set up and management


Sales, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Social…


Coda Grooves NEWS 2021

Posted by Jacque Schauls on January 9, 2021 at 5:40pm 0 Comments

THANK you! For your support throughout the years I truly appreciate it and hope you and your family are staying healthy!

#1 Celebrity Video Drop request for Coda Grooves Entertainment (Jacque pronounce Jackie)

We are doing this a little different, I'm asking that people do their own commercial for whichever project you are currently working in addition to the drop for us. Feel free to have your logo/song in the background or product placement in your hand. These will be marketed…



Posted by Jacque Schauls on April 29, 2016 at 7:13am 0 Comments

NOW in Inver Grove Heights!

Effective Hashtags Social Marketing

Posted by Jacque Schauls on March 19, 2018 at 11:36am 0 Comments

#Effective #Hashtags

if you exceed two hashtags in a tweet your chances of engagement drop by 17%.

Only 22% of engagement with a brand’s tweets are replies.

78% are retweets

92% are link clicks.

So if you include an appropriate hashtag or two in your tweets as a brand, you are massively increasing the chances of exposure and click-throughs on the site. Going from 10 to 20 – in retweets or link clicks…


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ArtistPR posted a blog post

A Trailblazing Force in Soulful Christian Music – James Emerich Inspires with a Heartfelt New Record ‘God?!’

With stirring tunes and relatable lyricism, James Emerich’s rhythmic musical compositions set him apart as a true visionary Windsor, CT —November 30th, 2023 – Embarking on a new chapter, James Emerich presents his latest musical venture—‘God!?’ a 12-track album rooted in Christian themes inspired by his life experiences. Scheduled for release on December 6, 2023, this offering promises to be a soul-stirring collection that…See More
PlatinumVoice PR posted a blog post

REG - "The Masquerade" | @RealReg1 [VIDEO]

Raleigh Hip-Hop Artist REG Unveils Captivating Visuals for His Single ‘The Masquerade’REG is a rapper, producer, and songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. He is of Sierra Leonean descent and grew up loving poetry and music. In High School, he started playing the clarinet while Poets like Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes inspired him. As he got older, he developed a…See More
ArtistPR posted blog posts
ArtistPR posted a blog post

Unleashing the Sheer Brilliance of Electronic Dance and Deep House Music – Producer-DJ Mister Monj Channels Ecstasy

Эклектичная дискография мистера Монжа, состоящая из серии хитовых смесей House, воплощает его десятилетний путь в Deep House.Анталья, Аланья, Турция — 1 декабря 2023 г. – Только на Spotify дискографию Mister Monj прослушивают более 140 000 раз, ее познали, полюбили и «прожили» сотни тысяч поклонников. Его пульсирующие и оживляющие треки «My Dreams», «Heard is Frozen», «Come Back Again», «My Ecstasy» и «Somebody Get Down» дарят слушателям необузданный опыт эйфории и служат доказательством…See More
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Dec 1
PlatinumVoice PR posted a blog post

Septimius the Great (@Septimiusmusic) and Bexter Richardson - "Anything You Want"

Music Collaboration, New Single Release, Septimius the Great, Bexter RichardsonSeptimius the Great, International Music Artist, and esteemed Liberian-American Singer Bexter Richardson have joined forces to create a mesmerizing new single titled "Anything You Want." This collaboration is beginning to captivate music enthusiasts around the world.Septimius the Great, known…See More
Nov 30
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Nov 30
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Nov 29
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Nov 28
PlatinumVoice PR posted a blog post

Vandes Jackson - "Rockstar Trap Music II"| @vandesjackson_

Vandes Jackson Unveils Highly Anticipated Album "Rockstar Trap Music II"Vandes Jackson, renowned American record producer, songwriter, musician, and artist,, has officially released a highly anticipated masterpiece, "Rockstar Trap Music II." The album showcases his innate talent and encompasses a diverse range of sounds that reflect his upbringing in the culturally rich…See More
Nov 26
ArtistPR posted a blog post


Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria — Brian 3rill is thrilled to announce the release of the latest music project,titled GREATNESS II.This collaborative album is a genres of an afro fusion and amapiano vibes, showcasing the unique talents of each artiston this project and their ability to seamlessly blend different styles of music.GREATNESS II is now available for purchase on all music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music ..Its is a must-listen for music enthusiasts who appreciate the…See More
Nov 26
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Nov 24
Mistah Wilson posted a blog post

The Jewish Community Weaponized Hip Hop Against Black People

Is it not yet painfully obvious that the so-called European Jewish community has profited off of the destruction of African American families all across the world?Are we really going to take the stance that conscious Hip Hop wouldn't have sold records? Whole fan bases have been ousted over the special interests of the Jewish community. Lyor Cohen, a so-called Jewish…See More
Nov 23
Megan Erdman is now a member of CODA~GROOVES~ENT
Nov 22
ArtistPR posted a blog post

Delivering Unique Jazz, Chill-Hop, and R&B Fusions- Eric Thomas Stuns with New EP “The Living Room Sessions”

A genre-defying sensation, Eric Thomas is a world-class saxophonist and producerAtlanta, GA —November 21st, 2023 – A driven and talented Miami-born saxophonist, Eric Thomas has captivated audiences with his scintillating fusion of Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, and Funk, since the release of his debut album, “Take It Easy,” in 2011. Eric is proud to share his new EP, “…See More
Nov 22
amnediel posted a blog post

“Inspired by the end goal of making music that other people can enjoy or play when they're sad” Starbug 2 speak to #MusicMoney about their new album

Where are you from?Band Consists of 3 guys From Harlow in Essex, Fraser Paul(singer/bass) Cameron Paul(lead guitar) and Joe Hunt(drums)Describe your sound:Our sound is pretty unique from song to song, but overall I'd say it mainly sits around the alternative rock or classic rock genre. Tell us about your latest track:Don't really have a latest track as much, we just released our debut album called Three Mandarins, but so far the songs "The More That I Know" and "Queens" have been the most…See More
Nov 21
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Nov 21
ArtistPR posted a blog post

High Energy and Spirited Rock n Roll and Americana- Darlene Como’s Amazes with Stunning New Single

A fun, danceable, and expressive new release, “Magic Wand” features Darlene Como at her very best, reflecting a rich blend of rhythms and lyricismLos Angeles, Ca —October 16th, 2023 – Darlene Como, a captivating singer-songwriter, exudes a passion for music that continues to inspire and enchant audiences worldwide. Her unique blend of rock and roll in spirited Americana reflects a deep commitment to the freedom of…See More
Nov 20
Ntuneentgrp posted a blog post

Episode 4 - 7 Questions With NTG Interviews PhillyMusicman #PhillyMusicman #7QuestionsWithNTG #Ntuneentgrp

Episode 4 - 7 Questions With NTG Interviews PhillyMusicman #PhillyMusicman #7QuestionsWithNTG #NtuneentgrpPhillys Musicman has worked with artists from all over the globe but home base is Philadelphia…See More
Nov 18
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Nov 18

The StrangerS introducing a brand new EP release: “Your Time Is Through”

Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia — October 2023 – The StrangerS are the first anonymous online band. Based in Nowhere , Oklahoma.
They focus on creating music that seamlessly explores a huge range of styles. Some bands
are quite stuck in their own definitions. However, others are actually
keen on setting the bar higher and looking for new creative ideas.
A Stranger comes to Nowhere and leaves the City when the job is done. There is no band core. The only constant resident of Nowhere is Mad MahuLL the mastermind of The StrangerS.
“Your Time Is Through” feels like a perfect opportunity to push the
boundaries of the band’s vision and sound.
What makes “Your Time Is Through” special is definitely the fact that it
showcases the band’s diverse stylistic references, as well as
signalling their ability to blur the lines between various influences. The
EP unfolds throughout the span of five songs, including the opener,
“Your Time Is Through.” The song is particularly notable in the way it
combines huge guitar chubs with the melody of the female vocals,
which front the mix seamlessly. The bittersweet contrast that ensues
adds a distinctive vibe to the song, making for a perfect EP intro. The
song “Girl from the Grave” has an old-school twist, at times
reminiscent of classic bands like The Cramps, but with a more upbeat
twist. The following number, “Under the Underground,” is a very
energetic garage rock song with a punk-inspired twist. The mix has a
bit of an 80s twist, especially in the crisp sound of the drums and the
nuanced tone of the cleaner guitar sounds. There is also room for an
acoustic version of the song “Bones,” which is based on a melodic
piano part and some memorable vocal lines. Last but not least, The
Ferryman is a great curtain closer. The song has a roaring hard rock
twist with a massive riff that is sometimes reminiscent of The Stooges
or Velvet Revolver, among others. This is one of the EP’s most notable
songs and a perfect way to leave the audience wanting more!
Speaking of which, The StrangerS’s new release, “Your Time Is
Through”, is highly recommended if you are a fan of uncompromising
rock music with an old-school flair. Find out more about this talented
group, and do not miss out on “Your Time Is Through”, which is
currently available on Spotify and more of the web’s best digital music
streaming platforms.

Promo Video “Your Time Is Through”
Promo Video “The Ferryman”
Music Stream “Your Time Is Through”

This is a concept album about fading.

Great music with musicians from all around the world.




Prepare for a musical revelation like no other as we unveil The StrangerS, a phenomenon that’s rewriting the music rulebook. Led by the enigmatic visionary Mad MahuLL, this musical force is turning heads and defying conventions in one fell swoop.

What’s their secret? Anonymity. The StrangerS have cracked the code with their unique practice of changing members regularly, collaborating on the fly, changing styles at a whim, and all the while remaining masked. But it’s not just about mystique – it’s the music that speaks volumes.

Breaking down borders and embracing boundless creativity, The StrangerS unite musicians from around the globe. The result? Mind-bending compositions that are nothing short of magic.

Their sound? A fusion of hard rock anthems that honor tradition yet pulsate with a modern edge. Guitar riffs that’ll shake your core, percussion that’ll move your soul, and vocals that linger long after the last note fades. But that’s not all, there’s snippets of 80s, folk, and all number of other colourful genres. The perks of having a different singer on almost every track are as limitless as you would imagine!

Mad MahuLL, the elusive maestro, stands at the helm. With a catalogue exceeding sixty songs and collaborations that defy counting, the man’s a musical savant. But it’s the enigma that truly defines The StrangerS.

Hailing from Nowhere, Oklahoma, their music is anything but ordinary. Think electrifying rock energy, mixed with a touch of something entirely fresh. It’s a rollercoaster through genres, a journey you won’t want to end.

A proud addition to the Blue Pie Records USA artist roster, The StrangerS have found a home that understands their unique vision. In a sea of artists, they’re the ones making waves. Get ready to unravel the enigma, lose yourself in their melodies, and experience music like never before. The StrangerS have arrived, and the stage is set for something extraordinary.


The StrangerS
Name: Blue Pie Productions ™ USA LLC
Address: Unit 6 No 9 Clarence Street, Moss Vale, New South Wales, Australia
Phone: +612 9310 0155
Press Kit:



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