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Summer 2022

Posted by Jacque Schauls on June 10, 2022 at 9:23am 0 Comments

#JacqueSchauls #CodaGrooves

*Director of Remote Work

Digital Marketing Expert

* Personal Assistant to Celebrity, Executive or Professional Athletes

* Celebrity Booking

* Public Relations

* Social Site Management

* Non profit set up and management


Sales, Branding, Strategic Marketing, Public Relations, Social…


Coda Grooves NEWS 2021

Posted by Jacque Schauls on January 9, 2021 at 5:40pm 0 Comments

THANK you! For your support throughout the years I truly appreciate it and hope you and your family are staying healthy!

#1 Celebrity Video Drop request for Coda Grooves Entertainment (Jacque pronounce Jackie)

We are doing this a little different, I'm asking that people do their own commercial for whichever project you are currently working in addition to the drop for us. Feel free to have your logo/song in the background or product placement in your hand. These will be marketed…



Posted by Jacque Schauls on April 29, 2016 at 7:13am 0 Comments

NOW in Inver Grove Heights!

Effective Hashtags Social Marketing

Posted by Jacque Schauls on March 19, 2018 at 11:36am 0 Comments

#Effective #Hashtags

if you exceed two hashtags in a tweet your chances of engagement drop by 17%.

Only 22% of engagement with a brand’s tweets are replies.

78% are retweets

92% are link clicks.

So if you include an appropriate hashtag or two in your tweets as a brand, you are massively increasing the chances of exposure and click-throughs on the site. Going from 10 to 20 – in retweets or link clicks…


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Jul 11
Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secrets posted a blog post

Wax'a'don Drops Highly Anticipated Album "My Donish Ways"

Today marks a significant milestone in the hip-hop world as Wax'a'don, the versatile and highly respected artist originally from Rockford Illinois, releases his new album, "My Donish Ways." Now residing in Texas, Wax'a'don continues to expand his musical boundaries with this 17-track masterpiece, which includes 10 full-length tracks and 7 skits, showcasing his storytelling prowess and lyrical dexterity.…See More
Jul 11
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[EP] K2 Cocky - "Social Studies" | @k2_cocky

K2 Cocky returns with his self-produced debut “Social Studies”As an independent artist, K2 Cocky has drawn praise for his DIY approach to music production and promotion. "Social Studies" exemplifies his dedication to authenticity and artistic freedom, with each track reflecting his unique perspective and artistic vision. Through his music, K2 Cocky has become a voice for the LGBTQ community, inspiring others to embrace their true selves and stand tall in the face of adversity. …See More
Jul 10
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Jun 27
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California Dreaming: Hip-Hop’s Biggest Summer Compilation Project

Los Angeles, California — VaughnBornFamous, known for his innovative approach to music, is set to kick off the summer in style with his much-anticipated 2024 project, ‘California Dreaming’. This ambitious compilation involves a collaboration of over 15 talented producers and artists from diverse corners of the world, promising a vibrant mix of sounds and creativity. Scheduled for release on July 5th, 2024 the project not only serves as a compilation but also as the soundtrack to the summer…See More
Jun 22
Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secrets posted a blog post

SportCoat O.A.K and Wise Professor Release Debut Album "Cinematic Musik"

SportCoat O.A.K, known for his sharp lyrical prowess and charismatic delivery, has been a prominent figure in the Oakland underground scene. His collaboration with Wise Professor, a super producer celebrated for his innovative production techniques and deep understanding of musical composition, marks a significant milestone in both of their careers.…See More
Jun 19
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A Rich, Dynamic, and Electrifying New Face of Rock – Mark Farias Ignites the Rock Scene with “Octane Junkies”

Rock music takes a bold turn as Mark Farias unleashes his latest- “Octane Junkies,” combining classic vibes with new age rock across five explosive tracksLompoc, California —Mark Farias presents an inventive new album which kicks off with “Devil on Her Tongue,” a track that sets the tone with its gripping narrative and pulsating rhythms.Following up with the gritty “Stone Foot Rooster,” Farias takes listeners on a wild ride…See More
Jun 17
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New releases in May and June of The Screaming Pope and George Bolton’s Trancendental

Boston, MA — Gaia Records releases new Screaming Pope album in May, and two new releases for George Bolton’s Trancendental this JuneEclectic music project The Screaming Pope releases new album “Zozma” in May, and “George Bolton’s Trancendental” releases two new albums in June, “Atomic” and “The Journey”“George Bolton’s Trancendental”  is a revision of George Boltons 90s Techno/Trance project “Trancendental”. He is also a member of The Screaming PopeElectronic Music Veteran George Bolton has…See More
Jun 15
Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secrets posted a blog post

XAWN: The Versatile Virtuoso from New York Unveils New Single "End Of The Line"

“End Of The Line” is Xawn’s latest single, and it showcases his growth as an artist. The track opens with haunting melodies and a compelling beat, setting the stage for Xawn’s introspective lyrics. Drawing parallels to the late Juice WRLD, Xawn explores themes of love, loss, and self-discovery with a raw authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners. His emotive…See More
Jun 12
KRIS KARTEL liked KRIS KARTEL's blog post The Wonder Tour Featuring Benny Boy Rude & Dj Chizzle Beatz
Jun 12
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The Wonder Tour Featuring Benny Boy Rude & Dj Chizzle Beatz

HoodHeatDjs & GrindSeason  Presents  The Wonder Tour Featuring Benny Boy Rude & Dj Chizzle Beatz Benny Boy Rude & DJ Chizzle Beatz: An Organic Collision of Raw Lyricism and Trunk-Rattling Beats,The chemistry between the two artists was undeniable from that very first head-nodding bassline and bone-chilling rhyme spill. Rude's abrash lyricism and Chizzle's unorthodox, East-meets-South production style molded into an intoxicating new vibe - at once rugged and refined, vintage and…See More
Jun 12
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Jun 11
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Jun 10

Reinvigorating and Intense – PayDirt’s Latest Album Packs in Passion, Power, Drive, and Raw Rock Energy

‘The Judgement Tree’ silences critics and restores everyones faith back in rising rock bands once and for all

St. Louis, Missouri — With Steve Burgess as the lead vocalist, Skyllet on the drums, Matt Lindstorm on the guitar and Kevin Hamilton in charge of production and engineering – PayDirt could do little wrong as they have assembled perhaps their greatest album yet. ‘The Judgement Tree’ is the epitome of rock music, with fans raving about it constantly. From the songwriting, to the expert lyricism, riveting vocals, and the gripping hook on chorus – the album sounds as good as it feels.

What makes PayDirt unique is that they take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere they can find, and make it their own. This not only allows them to produce a different sound than what is out there in the music industry today, but it also allows them to express themselves in a multi-faceted way, something their competitors lack. Their music is consistently honest, and true to themselves, punctuated by songs that are relevant today, and from throughout history. If there is anything these musicians pride themselves in, it is their ability to tell stories confidently and passionately.

Go to to find out more about PayDirt, and to discover more about their discography, particularly their latest album ‘The Judgement Tree’. Feel free to follow them on social media via the links provided down below, and make sure to reach out via the email address provided to schedule any interviews or propose collaborations.




Steve was born April, 22 ,1966 to a devout family. My exposure to music early on was Gordon Lightfoot, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, James Taylor.

I found that even at a young age this music didn’t do much for me.

When I was 10, I heard Boston for the first time and it changed my perception of music. I knew this was what I liked, rock and roll.

Through the years I’ve been exposed to many different types of music. Country, Blues, rockabilly, Bluegrass, jazz, classical and pop. But, I always come back to rock and roll. It is my musical Foundation.

I’ve been singing to myself since I could remember, probably before I was even talking. LOL But, when I was 12, I was riding the garden tractor mowing the lawn, and I was singing at the top of my voice. Up above the motor and the Roar of the blades. As I came around the corner I saw my dad and my uncle laughing. I now know they thought I was cute, and that’s why they were laughing, but to me it was very embarrassing. And it’s stifled my desire to sing publicly for a long time. But I finally got my nerve up to sing again in public. I still had the thought that nobody wanted to hear me. That I didn’t have anything special to share. But slowly people began to change my mind about myself when I would get compliments. The value of giving someone an encouraging word, especially when they do something that is a stretch beyond their comfort zone is immeasurable.

I started singing karaoke, apparently the word got out about me and I was picked up by Loose Change , a local band. I sang with him for a while then I started an acoustic project called Sweet Low Down. This allowed me to find tune my instrument. I quit Loose Change, the guys they gave me a shot, and started my own 4-Piece rock and roll band called KO. One of the reasons I did this was I felt like I was a part-time singer with Loose Change, only singing less than half of their songs. I wanted to challenge myself, and see if I had what it takes to do an entire show by myself.

The guitar player from Sweet Low Down was also the guitar player for KO. So when we had a falling-out both of those projects disintegrated. But I knew I wasn’t finished. I went on the hunt for a new band and that’s when I found Midnight’s Calling who was looking for a new lead singer. The lead guitar player in that band was Matt Lindstrom. After performing with Midnight’s calling for about 6 months I asked Matt if you would be interested in doing an acoustic project. He said yes, and PayDirt came into existence. After another 6 months of playing acoustic cover shows, Matt asked me if I would like to do original music? And like most of my singing career I stretched beyond my comfort zone once again. Matt and I stepped away from  Midnight’s Calling so we could concentrate on our original music. Our music had evolved from acoustic into full blown rock and roll. We talked about the possibility of hiring on a drummer and bass player to make it a four piece rock band.

Matt Lindstrom got the itch for music at age 6 when he heard Another Bites The Dust by Queen. Instantly we wanted a guitar. He asked his parents for a guitar and they told him he needed to take lessons. Matt said no, he just wanted a guitar to mess around with. That ended the excitement of guitar.

Years later at age 17 Matt met his friend Steve Buza in high school. They hung out quite a bit and became best friends. They were at a party where there was a guitar laying around with only 3 strings on it. Steve picked it up, tuned it by ear and started playing some Black Sabbath. Matt seen and heard this and that sparked that childhood desire to want to play guitar!!

Matt took lessons for a month at a local guitar shop on an acoustic guitar. He learned the basic fundamentals of chords and decided to stop taking lessons. Him and Steve Buza wrote songs together and did some covers, but nothing came of it.

In 1996, Steve Buza died in a car accident which left Matt destroyed. Since then Matt hasn’t stop learning the instrument. Essentially he plays in homage to Steve Buza. If not for him, Matt may have never picked up the instrument.

A few years later Matt helped form an original band called Solar Trance. There where line up changes and the band was solidified in 1999 as a 4 piece rock band. In 2001 Solar Trance released their self titled album. Solar Trance played around the Midwest in Tennessee, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, and gigged regularly in St. Louis, MO. Almost a year after the release of the album, the band split up.

Matt decided to take a break from the original scene and joined some cover bands. While in the cover bands, Matt kept writing originals for his own keepsake. In 2010 Matt joined a cover band, which also went through some line up changes. Midnights Calling was the name they decided. They had an ad out for a singer and Steve Burgess audition. He was a shoe in. After a few months Steve Burgess and Matt Lindstrom discussed doing an acoustic Duo. PayDirt was born. A few months after that they started writing originals together.

Born and raised in the swamps of Louisiana, less than an hour south-west of New Orleans, Skyllet started playing music at a very early age. By the age of 12 he was playing gigs with him mom and stepdad. Church festivals, parties, wedding receptions; you name it he has played them all. After graduating high school, Skyllet went out on the road and toured regionally with bandmates from school. When the project came to an abrupt end, he relocated to Oklahoma and then to the St. Louis area in 1993. After a couple of months getting acclimated to the area, Skyllet ended up playing in several projects performing covers as well as writing and recording many original songs. Going so far as to release a couple of full-length albums and several EPs. In 2020, PayDirt invited him to play a few acoustic shows and then he was offered the chance to join the band as a permanent member. Skyllet obviously accepted the offer and from that moment on, the songwriting has been non-stop. The “Judgement Tree” EP release is the first to showcase Skyllet’s contribution as a songwriter and recording artist with PayDirt.

Kury Bass is a multi-instrumentalist and virtuoso from Lake St. Louis, MO. Kury Bass is best-known for his low-end Whooten, Claypool, and Flea influences and styles. He’s studio musician with projects ranging from Alt-Country to Metal. As a live musician, he loves Tribute bands, originals, and cover fun. You may have caught him with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Garbage, No Doubt, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Soundgarden, 311, Violent Femmes, Audioslave, Green Day, Alice In Chains, and A Day To Remember Tributes. Plays in many, many cover bands…too many to name. Currently priority projects of PayDirt and Sunset Strip. Most remember him as the giant T-Rex in Pulp Friction. 

All projects and schedules can be found at:

Kury also has an alias “Ghoul Grass” which is his underground Mandolin experimental projects. Dub-step mandolin, Primus-like conjurings and more that’s self-produced as Kury sings, Mando, bass, drums, and produces. 

Kury Bass loves acoustic projects with his Upright-Double Bass. Psychobilly, rockabilly, and bowing Chris Cornell solo favorites for crowds. Look up “Songbook” or “Crushing California” for some examples. 

Kury has traveled across the midwest and east coast as either a sub-for-hire bassist or baseball player. Kury was recently inducted into the Quincy Hall of Fame for baseball, and has pitched in small minor league ballparks as a lefty pitcher (where all the LA Dodger references come from). Coach Kury now coaches high school baseball at Duchesne. He’s previous coached for Lindenwood University as a pitching coach. Previous occupations include: news reporter, NPPA Videogrpaher, Governmental Public Relations, Google Product Re-sale/development, and degrees in theology, communications, and Feminism and gender. Also owns a media/advertising/booking agency of 

Kury is a full-time single dad to his son Jaxon and dog Dodger.

PayDirt plays many gigs locally as a duo, but the recorded material is full production quality. You can hear the acoustic versions of their originals at their gigs as well as choice cover songs that make PayDirt shine. Their originals are on the website as well as iTunes and Spotify to name a couple.

PayDirt plays many gigs locally as an acoustic trio (sometimes quartet), and as a 4 piece. The recorded material is full production quality. You can hear the acoustic versions of their originals at their gigs as well as choice cover songs that make PayDirt shine. Their originals are on the website as well as all digital platforms.


Name: Matt Lindstrom



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